Snippets - The Lovers Podcast

S6E4 - Are you mad?

February 28, 2022

This episode comes from a question posted to us. 
Sharing secret sex fantasies can be scary. You might be afraid that your partner´s response to you will be "Are you mad?" when you share a fantasy with them. 
But what is their response will be something else?

We share tips on WHEN and HOW to bring up this sharing of fantasies. 


Q: What is your advice when your spoken fantasies make your partner decide that there is something terribly wrong with you? It is a gamble, but I agree that it is probably valuable.
A: Thanks! Relationships are all about risk and growth. The scenario you describe is a possible risk. The reverse might be that you both share a fantasy or desire but none of you dare bring it up. So you miss a great opportunity of improved sex. If your partner shoots you down there is plenty of work that can be done around that too. That you are talking about sex is in itself is very healthy for you both.


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